What We’re Thankful For

Tina and I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. We go to an awesome college, there’s no lockout this year, and our favorite players have continued to impress us with their good looks and charm throughout these past few months.

Here’s some of our favorites:

But most importantly Tina and I are most thankful for all our loyal readers. Without you guys, this blog would not exist!


Pens vs. Bruins (Megan vs. Tina)

Living with someone else who’s as passionate about the game of hockey as you are is a wonderful thing.

Except for when you like different teams.

That are in the same conference.

Have a pretty big rivalry.

And a fairly brutal history.

Luckily Megan and I manage to keep our differences to ourselves the majority of the time.

So with that said this article isn’t going to contain too much opinion and I’ll try to stick to an objective recap (wish me luck).

While the Penguins outplayed the Bruins, especially in the first 10 minutes of the game, the bruins managed to be the first to put the puck in the back of the net.

Loui Eriksson, from Soderberg, went between the legs and had a beauty of a goal to kick the bruins into gear.

Shortly after, Soderberg had another assist and set up Smith to score on the Bruins only power play opportunity of the night making it 2-0

 The Pens weren’t going to let that last for long though and good ole’ ginger beard Nealer came to the rescue scoring just 37 seconds into the second

He did it again in the third with a gorgeous top shelf goal to tie the game

Chara answered though and brought the Bruins ahead 3-2 with 5:15 left in the third

And then the game was almost over

But then this happened…

Crosby, being his usual self, decided that he really didn’t want the game to be over and tied the game with .3 seconds left

Shave it. Now.

So they headed to overtime, but the Bruins didn’t let Crosby’s goal bring them down.

At all.

And Krug only let OT last for 34 seconds

While neither team played at the level that they’re capable of, they gave us fans a pretty great show

Rask is still one of the keys to the Bruins success, keeping them in it when they’re being outplayed

And while the Pens weren’t on top of their game, they once again relied on their top talent (Crosby & Neal) to pull them through when needed

Fortunately (for me) the Bruins still found a way to win.


Happy Birthday, Gabriel!

Today may just be one of the best days the month of November has to offer (besides Thanksgiving, of course). We’re talking about Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog’s 21st birthday! Happy Birthday @GabeLandeskog92 ! Your Swedish-ness has made us very happy people these last few years and we are obliged to say thank you for gracing North America with your presence!

Let’s go over the numerous ways that Gabe is perfect.

He follows the “sun’s out, guns out” rule

And more or less loses all his shirts in the summer.

And it’s to the point where teammate Erik Johnson think he should be an underwear model. We completely agree.

(Courtesy of http://auroraskywalker.tumblr.com)

A personal favorite of mine is Gabriel’s ability to wear a pair of glasses. It’s one of the hottest things a man can do.

Remember when you thought The Swedish Chef was this guy from Sesame Street?

Ya, we were all wrong.

(Courtesy of http://prustytute.tumblr.com)

He can cook in my kitchen whenever he likes.

So thank you Gabe for being you. A Swedish hockey player who forgets to wear a shirt, could also be a Calvin Klein underwear model, and can cook some breakfast. Happy 21st Gabe the Babe!

Mr. 250

On November 22, 2013, Sidney Crosby scored his 250th career goal against the New York Islanders. Only in true Sidney Crosby fashion would it happen to also break the tie and be the game winning goal with 1:16 left in the third period. As if he needed any more interesting facts to add to his already impressive résumé.

Do we really need a reminder of his stellar career? As a bias Penguins fan, the answer is always YES.

Being the #1 overall draft pick in 2005 was just the tip of the iceberg for the kid.



Then (after getting snubbed for the Calder Trophy), Sid went on to become the youngest player (and only teenager) in any league’s history to capture the scoring title, the Art Ross Trophy, at the age of  19. That same year he also won the Hart Trophy for the NHL’s Most Valuable Player and Lester B. Pearson Award for Most Outstanding Player, as voted by his peers. High praise for a guy who had just completed his second professional season.



At the end of the 2006-07 season, Sid was named captain of the Penguins. At the time he was the youngest captain in the league (now second to Gabriel Landeskog by 11 days, but who’s counting). The 2007-08 season produced the first ever Winter Classic, which was the most storybook of them all. Per usual, Sidney made his mark by scoring the game winner in a shootout goal. Here’s the whole shootout:

Despite an amazing 2007-2008 season where the Penguins made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Final to lose to the Detroit Red Wings, they would reach that same summit just a year later. In one of the greatest moments of Pittsburgh Penguins history, the most amazing trophy in all of sports returned to the ‘Burgh. Oh and in case you didn’t think that was awesome enough, Sid the Kid is also the youngest captain to ever raise the Stanley Cup.

I think they're excited

I think they’re excited

sid cup


Stanley Cup Finals - Pittsburgh Penguins v Detroit Red Wings - Game Seven


2009 team


party hardy, capy

party hardy, cappy

Oh! But it doesn’t end there! Remember the 2010 Vancouver Olympics? Yes, I do too. But let’s be real. Many Americans (me and Tina) secretly cheer for Canada anyways. (Team Canada 2014!!!)

Here’s the infamous “Golden Goal” by none other than Canada’s “Golden Boy”

And do yourself a favor by watching Canadian comedian Shaun Majumder predicted this incredible feat.

Ya’ll already knew this but, Sidney Crosby is awesome. There’s nothing more to say than that. I’d also thought of doing the courtesy of reminding everyone that he’s a mere 26 years old AND a human being. Just in case you ever forgot. You’re welcome.

insanely human

insanely human


Tis the Season for Ginger Beard

The time has come. It was something that had to happen.

My unconditional and undeniably strange love for gingers combined with Megan’s obsession with James Neal and his ginger beard resulted in our collection of these fabulous pictures.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we (mostly me) do.


dat flow doe


Keep your head up Marc, a ginger beard is something to be proud of

the intensity though

Ginger beard and a baby… excuse me while I wipe up my drool

Even if the only thing about you that I respect is your beard

And a Merry Christmas to you too Nealer

Happy Birthday, Kaner!

Patrick Kane, welcome to the quarter of a century old club. Although, it’s not that cool yet seeing as Tina and I have yet to be inducted. But today you have made it a significantly better place to be.

It’s hard for us to image that you’ve been dangling your way through the NHL for the last six seasons. We’ve for sure crowned you the prince of dangle-city, especially when it comes to shootouts.

You also have two Stanley Cup Championships, a Conn Smythe, a Silver Medal from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and a Calder Trophy to your name. Pretty impressive career for a guy who’s only 25 years old.

2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six


Oh and did we forget to mention you got the 2010 Stanley Cup winning goal in overtime of Game 6 and no one but you knew it went in? Yeah, that happened.

What we love the most is your ability to surprise us.

kane mullet

with a mullet


Speaking of “business in the front, party on the back”, as college girls, we understand the brief phase you had. Because really, everyone should experience college in one way or another.

kane partying


Now, you’re 25. Mature. Well-dressed. And love to dance. Especially with Jimmy Buffett.

Margaritaville anyone?

Margaritaville anyone?

some good looking teammates too

some good looking teammates too

So all in all, happy birthday Kaner! We love you! But celly reasonably after your game tonight.

Movember Monday: Boys to Men

We’re halfway through the month and there have been quite a few surprises so far this Movember. We already know who the real men of the NHL are… they prove it to us on a daily basis. Both through their manly demeanor and their uncanny ability to grow facial hair.

While I have my serious doubts about French-Canadians, Patrice Bergeron is undoubtedly one of the manliest men in the league.


That face though… and those eyes

Regardless of the fact that his name is Patrice he still manages to be one of the most respected players.

Even Toews knows it.


Bergy once again proved his manliness during the Stanley Cup Finals last year. His dedication to his team and the game was remarkable and he played with just a few injuries.


He had the Blackhawks saying…


Even What’s Up Ya Sieve knows how much of a stud he is


Only real men like Bergy can deal with little boys like Seguin


But then there’s those few boys,

mere children,

who have decided to make Movember their time to shine.

Their time to impress us all.

Or maybe they were just as surprised as we were at what they were capable of.

Like how Douglas went from this:


To this:


holy handlebars

Even his team was pretty impressed.

Even Seth Jones managed to prove to us all that he was no longer a little boy… sort of


And Brandon Pirri has managed to ‘mo up fairly nicely… though it’s no match for those thick eyebrows he rocks


And while he can’t quite keep up with the others Morgan Rielly at least tries to compete


and to those young men who still aren’t quite able to grow facial hair yet… better luck next year!

For the Love of Geno

I’m obsessed. As if Evgeni Malkin couldn’t be more adorable with his Russian foriegn-ness, he does it again in this video.

Twitter Q&A with Evgeni Malkin

Geno not fully knowing or understanding the American language is probably the best thing that has ever happened. Just watch how he asks to know the name of a cat:

“How’s name this guy?” In case you had trouble understanding him, but you know it’s just another reason to love Geno more and more.

My sincerest thank you’s are owed to the Pittsburgh Penguins media team for putting these two videos together because with them, Geno becomes the hockey world’s most lovable foreigner.

Happy Birthday, Hallsy!

Oh Taylor Hall. You’ve reached the age of 22 today, you’re old! But not really, we (as in me, because Tina’s for Team Eberle) here at For the Love of Goons are so excited to celebrate another year of you!



we appreciate tight clothing too

hall 3

those are some good looking teammates

those are some good looking teammates

He is the cutest first overall draft pick the Oilers have ever had and we can do nothing but appreciate it more and more every day.

If you thought it didn’t get any better, here he is playing with a couple puppies:

Yup, we’re dead too. Thanks Hallsy. Hope you enjoy your 22nd birthday!

It’s (Actually) Rivalry Night

On the night of a Pittsburgh Penguins game, I love hearing Penguins’ radio announcer Mike Lange say, “It’s a hockey night in Pittsburgh!” It’s the best possible introduction to every single Penguins game, whether at Consol Energy Center or on the road. But tonight I am tempted to scream, “It’s a rivalry night in Pittsburgh!”

The bad blood that exists between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers will always exist. Whether they are two evenly matched teams, or one is dominating the other, the bubbling hate between these cross-state rivals is undeniable and relentless.

giroux - crosby 2011

Swinging punches, incessant chirping, and not-so-discrete tit for tat moments are clearly a staple of these true rivalry games. But lets look beyond their nasty history and dive into what these two teams have been up against so far this season.

Philadelphia Flyers (6-10-1)

For the second season in a row, the Flyers are off to a less than impressive start that got Peter Laviolette fired after having a horrendous preseason and losing the first three regular season games. However, after bringing in former Flyer, Craig Berube, it does not appear that the team is doing any better. There have been some glimmers of optimism, like the 5-0 win over the Ottawa Senators, who are only one spot out of the Wild Card. But then there have been some other games when it appears that all hope is lost. Specifically the 7-0 loss to the Washington Capitals, where Ray Emery now infamously beat an unwilling Braden Holtby to a pulp.

Pittsburgh Penguins (11-6-0)

Yes, I am completely bias since they are my favorite team. But I’ll also be the first person to call them out when they’re not as great as they could be. Recently depleted by the injuries of two of their top four defenseman, Rob Scuderi and Paul Martin, the Pens have been struggling, losing 5-1 to the Rangers and 2-1 to the Blues. Sometimes the defense doesn’t show up, other times the offense disappears, or in most cases the boys just get a bit too cocky. There doesn’t appear to be a thoroughly logical explanation for their ups and downs, especially now with James Neal and Beau Bennett back in the line up earlier than expected. It’s been said before and I’ll repeat it again, the Pens have an explosive offense when Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are scoring. Except they (especially Geno) have been lackluster in their past few games. Maybe the game against the Flyers will light a fire under their asses.

so true Sid, so true

so true Sid, so true

Who knows how this game will end; one team is looking for a bounce back, the other a glimmer of hope when things are really not going well. Maybe this heated rivalry will foster the best out of these two teams and add more fuel to the fire between the Flyers and Penguins. I’m excited and you should be too! It’s a real rivalry night!