Happy Birthday, Dutchy!

On this glorious January day in 1991, Matt Duchene graced the world with his presence and we immensely thank his parents.

He’s officially a member of Team Canada, meaning he’s going to tear it up in Sochi, if and when he’s Sid’s and or John Tavares’s winger. Yes, either of those good-looking men since they workout together in the summer!

It’s so easy to love a guy who keeps really great company. But if you’re an Avalanche fan you know he’s capable of magical goals that leave everyone speechless and 29 other goalies looking like helpless kittens.

Just watch the first one again, close-up.

how does he do it?!

Not only does the birthday boy have unbelievable hockey skill, he’s actually a huge country fan. So much that his dog, Paisley, is named after Brad Paisley.

Oh yeah, he plays the guitar too! In related news, all the single ladies just put their hands up to volunteer to be his girlfriend.

Just to make all you country girls fall in love just a bit more, over the summer Matt and a few teammates attended Luke Bryan’s concert. Then, they casually met him afterward!

If you didn’t love Matt Duchene already, you do now.

Happy 23rd Birthday, Dutchy! Celebrate wisely after playing the New Jersey Devils tonight!

obviously with Pauly


Bowling for Smiles

There’s nothing like when hockey player’s are performing charity work within the community. Last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins took a break from being the on-ice idols to become friends with children who are in less than fortunate circumstances.

2014 “Pens & Pins” Make-A-Wish Charity

It’s events like this that make my heart melt. Seeing guys who are larger than life, take time out of their busy schedules to have fun with well deserving kids, is a sight that is always welcome to any fan.

It’s these kind of moments that bring a smile to anyone’s face. Not only does it make you want to restore faith in humanity, but it makes you want to try to be a better person.

It’s no secret that all NHL teams perform acts of charity, like going to local children’s hospitals to deliver Christmas presents. But every time it happens, my overall “level of happiness” soars through the roof.

Whenever any hockey player performs charity work, it completely reaffirms the reasons why Hockey Players are Actually Sweethearts.

Like #4 Can Make a Difference.

24 Reasons Why Hockey Players Are Actually Big, Cuddly Sweethearts

And #7 They’re Very Caring.

But they're also very caring.

Hockey players are the most awesome athletes in the world. Bringing smiles to well-deserving kids and their families warms my heart beyond belief. So, thank you NHL players for being the amazing guys you are and being a part of something that’s greater than yourselves.

Getting the Call

Ahh, the smell of Sochi is truly in the air. All of the hockey teams have been chosen and whether or not you agree with who is or isn’t on whatever team you’re rooting for, it’s time for us fans to be excited for those lucky guys who got “the call”.

As many of us know, NHL Revealed will be coming to NBCSN starting on January 22nd and to CBC the following day, and late yesterday, the league released a clip of New York Islanders captain John Tavares.

I would’ve loved to see him actually get the phone call and talk to Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli. However, it’s just as adorable listening to John telling his parents the amazing news. Personally, I would’ve been jumping up and down on the bed like an immature school girl if I ever received the call to be on Team Canada, but being John Tavares, he had to be a bit more subdued.

All in all, congratulations to everyone who was named to Team Canada, USA, Russia, Sweden, Finland, and all other competing Olympic teams.

Here’s a link to the rosters of all competing nations:


Welcome to the Club

Well hello there Taylor Pyatt! Welcome to the Pittsburgh Penguins! Or what could also be known as one of the best looking teams in the NHL.

Knowing that for the remaining 40 games, we Pens fans are able to stare deeply into Taylor’s gorgeous crystal blue pools of dreaminess, is plain AWESOME! I can’t say enough! Nor stop staring into them!

so pretty

The purpose of his gorgeous blue eyes is to leave you, me, and every women on the planet, speechless. But it’s not just his eyes that have us fans falling for him, Taylor also has a nearly perfect smile. (Let’s be honest Brendan Smith still wins that category.)

But, he also knows how to run with some of the best dressers in the league.

far right with the bow tie

If Taylor can keep up with King Henrik, then he’s a keeper. But keeping it casual is always a plus, as well.

I think his big, blue eyes and good looks will allow him to seamlessly fit in with the Pens. Taylor seriously bumped the level of attractiveness on the team roster and we are forever grateful!

The Eligible Bachelor

Welp. There he is. Town & Country’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors list includes oh so single, Sidney Crosby. At least I think he’s single. Honestly, the picture they used describes him perfectly. Focused, clean-cut, loves his career, and awkward, with a hand (actually fitting) in his pocket.

There were four categories of which comments were made.

First: “The Skinny”. According to his brief profile, he’s rich. As if we were completely unaware of this fact when Sid signed his 12-year contract extension for an average of $8.7 million a year. Oh and it’s stated that he’s the best player in the world (I am aware that  this is a debatable fact). If you’d like to be reminded of how awesome his skills are, re-read Mr. 250 .

Second: “Likes”. He likes the playoffs, yet can’t grow a beard. Yup. That is one undeniable fact. However, I’m also fairly confident he also likes puppies and pockets.

oh the pockets

The third category: “Natural Habitat”. Answer: Nova Scotia, Canada. However, it cannot be assumed that everyone knows Canada’s Golden Boy is from Cole Harbour. As many of us found out yesterday, there are some people under the impression that he was from the United States.

this actually happened

look to the right. in the dark pink there.

I mean, it’s a nice thought because then the USA Men’s Hockey Team could increase their chances of winning gold.

The last category: “Caveat”. Something about Sid potentially missing teeth on our a date.

I have faith that his fake teeth will be in and he will sweep me someone off my their feet.