Happy Birthday, Logan!

Not-so-obvious statement of the day: I love Logan Couture.

No one knows this because I don’t tweet about him as often as I like. Usually while he’s playing on the west coast, I’m dead asleep here in Boston. (Don’t forget, I am a college student.)

But that’s my only excuse (and hardly even a valid one). Back to Logan though!

Today is his 25th birthday!!

logan bday cake

He’s now 25, and you’re saying “so what?” I’ll tell you what, every hockey fan needs to have a deep appreciation for Logan, his hockey skills, and personality.

In case you missed it, Logan got some attention for saying his celebrity crush was Selena Gomez.

But what’s even worse, he got overlooked during the 2012 All-Star Game so many times, that he ended up being the last pick in the draft.

The entire time I was staring longingly at the TV, waiting for his name to be called. (Shame on the team captains that year.) At least he took the time to thank me.

So you’re wondering what he was doing at the ASG. Well, he’s actually a great hockey player. And even though I can’t watch as many of the Sharks games as I’d like to, he never fails to find the highlight reel.

His rookie year, Logan was nominated for the Calder Trophy because why not?

Logan’s basically been a stud his entire life. (Thank you Sharks for posting these bad boys.)

logan bday

Logan also has a great sense of humor. Do yourself a favor and give him a follow on Twitter @Logancouture

lc tweet1 lc tweet2 lc tweet3

I hope you have the best 25th birthday ever, Logan!


Happy Birthday Andrew Ference

Today is Ference’s 35th birthday!!!

Andrew Ference Headshot

 If you look up the definition of gentleman in the dictionary you’ll find Andrew Ference.

Here are some reasons why we think everyone should strive to be more like him…

1. His smile…


2. He participates in the NOVEMBER PROJECT

Embedded image permalink

The November Project is a free support system of people who want to work out during the cold months of the year. They meet early in the morning in locations across North America.


3. He advocates for Alberta’s bullying helpline (1-888-456-2323)

Embedded image permalink

4. He can erase his beard and sneeze off his mustache

5. His ink

6.  Mr. and Mrs. Ference are ADORABLE

nhlhockeywags:Andrew & Krista Ference 

7. Not to mention their daughters


9. His goalie skills

10. He’s hilarious

11. He’s not only friends with Bergy but is also classy as f&@#

12. He visits hospitals (with his BFF)


13.  Even Big Z loves him

15. … near… far

14. Chipotle

15. He has a best friend named Maggie

So while Ference is busy setting a great example for the rest of the human race… What have you done lately for someone else? Make Ference proud, not only today on his birthday, but everyday.

Happy Birthday, Jacob Trouba!

If you didn’t know who Jacob Trouba was before reading this post, pay careful attention.

Today’s his 20th birthday! Oddly enough, I didn’t know he was only 20 until he posted it on Twitter.

Reasons you and I didn’t know this:

1. Jacob played a year at the University of Michigan.

If you know anything about college hockey, then you know freshmen are typically 20-21 years old. However, he entered college at the ripe (more like normal) age of 18, where he was an outstanding defenseman for the Wolverines.

2. Jacob’s represented his country on the international stage and came back with some serious hardware.

That’s really impressive for an 18-year-old. Especially since he figured out how to score against Team Canada.

3. Jacob and Zach Bogosian are roommates in Winnipeg. Aka, I just thought he was a rookie living with a veteran guy. Then again, the maturity level between Jacob and Zach combines to about late middle school-high school years. Seriously, just look at their Instagram’s.

trouba instatrouba insta2


4. Apparently Jacob can’t grow a mustache. So I, logically relating everything to Sidney Crosby, thought that he just had baby-face syndrome, meaning facial hair is not an option. So this happened:

And then the Jets did this about it: Pass the Mic: Episode 1 (Just wait for Zach to start talking to Jacob. The two can’t control themselves.)

So more or less, we all should love Jacob Trouba and wish him a Happy 20th, because you’re only in your 20’s once and rumor has it, it’s a pretty good time. Except when we make a few mistakes along the way.

View this post on Instagram

New haircut. SICK!

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This has been a sad week.

It was announced Wednesday that Steven Stamkos still wasn’t medically cleared to play.

Which means no Sochi for Stammer. And no Stammer for Team Canada.


An infant waits for the start of the start of the gold medal hockey game between Canada and the U.S. at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

But now is the time to turn that frown upside down.


24 shades of stud

Who knew lil Stammer would grow up to be….

…. well not so little

Not to mention he’s classy as F#@&


So have a great birthday, Stamkos. You deserve it.

Happy Birthday, Dutchy!

On this glorious January day in 1991, Matt Duchene graced the world with his presence and we immensely thank his parents.

He’s officially a member of Team Canada, meaning he’s going to tear it up in Sochi, if and when he’s Sid’s and or John Tavares’s winger. Yes, either of those good-looking men since they workout together in the summer!

It’s so easy to love a guy who keeps really great company. But if you’re an Avalanche fan you know he’s capable of magical goals that leave everyone speechless and 29 other goalies looking like helpless kittens.

Just watch the first one again, close-up.

how does he do it?!

Not only does the birthday boy have unbelievable hockey skill, he’s actually a huge country fan. So much that his dog, Paisley, is named after Brad Paisley.

Oh yeah, he plays the guitar too! In related news, all the single ladies just put their hands up to volunteer to be his girlfriend.

Just to make all you country girls fall in love just a bit more, over the summer Matt and a few teammates attended Luke Bryan’s concert. Then, they casually met him afterward!

If you didn’t love Matt Duchene already, you do now.

Happy 23rd Birthday, Dutchy! Celebrate wisely after playing the New Jersey Devils tonight!

obviously with Pauly

Happy Birthday, Gabriel!

Today may just be one of the best days the month of November has to offer (besides Thanksgiving, of course). We’re talking about Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog’s 21st birthday! Happy Birthday @GabeLandeskog92 ! Your Swedish-ness has made us very happy people these last few years and we are obliged to say thank you for gracing North America with your presence!

Let’s go over the numerous ways that Gabe is perfect.

He follows the “sun’s out, guns out” rule

And more or less loses all his shirts in the summer.

And it’s to the point where teammate Erik Johnson think he should be an underwear model. We completely agree.

(Courtesy of http://auroraskywalker.tumblr.com)

A personal favorite of mine is Gabriel’s ability to wear a pair of glasses. It’s one of the hottest things a man can do.

Remember when you thought The Swedish Chef was this guy from Sesame Street?

Ya, we were all wrong.

(Courtesy of http://prustytute.tumblr.com)

He can cook in my kitchen whenever he likes.

So thank you Gabe for being you. A Swedish hockey player who forgets to wear a shirt, could also be a Calvin Klein underwear model, and can cook some breakfast. Happy 21st Gabe the Babe!

Happy Birthday, Kaner!

Patrick Kane, welcome to the quarter of a century old club. Although, it’s not that cool yet seeing as Tina and I have yet to be inducted. But today you have made it a significantly better place to be.

It’s hard for us to image that you’ve been dangling your way through the NHL for the last six seasons. We’ve for sure crowned you the prince of dangle-city, especially when it comes to shootouts.

You also have two Stanley Cup Championships, a Conn Smythe, a Silver Medal from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and a Calder Trophy to your name. Pretty impressive career for a guy who’s only 25 years old.

2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six


Oh and did we forget to mention you got the 2010 Stanley Cup winning goal in overtime of Game 6 and no one but you knew it went in? Yeah, that happened.

What we love the most is your ability to surprise us.

kane mullet

with a mullet


Speaking of “business in the front, party on the back”, as college girls, we understand the brief phase you had. Because really, everyone should experience college in one way or another.

kane partying


Now, you’re 25. Mature. Well-dressed. And love to dance. Especially with Jimmy Buffett.

Margaritaville anyone?

Margaritaville anyone?

some good looking teammates too

some good looking teammates too

So all in all, happy birthday Kaner! We love you! But celly reasonably after your game tonight.

Happy Birthday, Hallsy!

Oh Taylor Hall. You’ve reached the age of 22 today, you’re old! But not really, we (as in me, because Tina’s for Team Eberle) here at For the Love of Goons are so excited to celebrate another year of you!



we appreciate tight clothing too

hall 3

those are some good looking teammates

those are some good looking teammates

He is the cutest first overall draft pick the Oilers have ever had and we can do nothing but appreciate it more and more every day.

If you thought it didn’t get any better, here he is playing with a couple puppies:

Yup, we’re dead too. Thanks Hallsy. Hope you enjoy your 22nd birthday!