In That Moment

Ask me the question, “Do you believe in miracles?” and obviously my answer is, “YES!”

But I’m not talking about the 1980 Olympic Men’s Hockey Team. I’m talking about the 2013-14 Pittsburgh Penguins. I would like to think in a perfect world that they are more than capable of pulling off miracle-like situations.

If any night I was hoping for it to happen, it would’ve been last night. Granted, in the opening minutes when the score was 2-0, I started to slightly panic. But, per usual, Brandon Sutter came up in the clutch.

Brandon Sutter Goal Game 6 v NY Rangers

Come time for the second period, I had some hope. Thoughts along the lines of, “Ok, it’s only one goal and maybe we’ll have an unlikely hero.” And that almost did happen. Twice.

Then, not much later, Brian Gibbons came up with another great breakaway chance, in which Lundqvist didn’t even know where the puck was.

So those two chances go by and the clock starts winding down, until Derick Brassard punishes the Pens once again, and then the period closes.

Me at this time: Ok, 20 minutes to go, and only a two goal deficit. There are worse things.

Welcome to the third period. Might I add that the only thing I was yelling at the TV was, “SHOOT THE PUCK!” Because at that point, the Pens apparently had forgotten that the only way to score the goal was to shoot the puck. Especially on the power play.

The game ended, the Pens on the losing end, aaaaaaaaaaand there was not steam pouring out of my ears for a change. It was more like, “I’m just done.”

Kinda like a few weeks ago when the Pens lost a horrendous Game 5 against the Blue Jackets. Want to revisit that little meltdown <— click there.

But, Sid looks like he was pretty done too.

And so was James Neal. Who received a 10-minute game misconduct with just under 10 seconds left in the game. I have still yet to figure out what he did to get that. Anyone with a clue, let me know.

same, though

But more or less, if the Pens don’t win on Tuesday, we can’t call it “out of the ordinary” since that’s been the trend for a few years now.

If they do lose, my sanity goes with it.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


Welcome to the Club

Well hello there Taylor Pyatt! Welcome to the Pittsburgh Penguins! Or what could also be known as one of the best looking teams in the NHL.

Knowing that for the remaining 40 games, we Pens fans are able to stare deeply into Taylor’s gorgeous crystal blue pools of dreaminess, is plain AWESOME! I can’t say enough! Nor stop staring into them!

so pretty

The purpose of his gorgeous blue eyes is to leave you, me, and every women on the planet, speechless. But it’s not just his eyes that have us fans falling for him, Taylor also has a nearly perfect smile. (Let’s be honest Brendan Smith still wins that category.)

But, he also knows how to run with some of the best dressers in the league.

far right with the bow tie

If Taylor can keep up with King Henrik, then he’s a keeper. But keeping it casual is always a plus, as well.

I think his big, blue eyes and good looks will allow him to seamlessly fit in with the Pens. Taylor seriously bumped the level of attractiveness on the team roster and we are forever grateful!