And We’re Back…

NHL games are BACK today and boy are we ready!!


The last two weeks were amazing. The Olympics provided more than enough entertainment to make up for the lack of NHL games. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out so well for Team USA.

But just a few great things did happen in the world of Olympic hockey…

1) Everyone and their mother now know who TJ Oshie is


And the majority of those people are going to claim to have loved him before this epic shootout…

but what really matters is that AMERICA loves him now.

Let’s face it.. how could you not?


2) America didn’t suck as bad as we thought they would 

They still didn’t bring home a medal but before the games started most people predicted that Team USA would be a joke. The Olympics were going to be a great opportunity to make fun of this amazing country on the world stage.

And it’s true… Team USA didn’t have the depth or skill level.

But what they lacked in talent they made up for in HEART.

To say that we were surprised by how well their first few games went would be an understatement.

We loved it though. Every second of it.



Oh yeah… this happened too.

So while it wasn’t the best outcome for Team USA, it’s time for us to hug it out and move on



We’re ready for games to be on at normal hours of the day again…

And there’s a good game or two on this week.

Like this one.

So have a great week everyone. You deserve it. 


The Eligible Bachelor

Welp. There he is. Town & Country’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors list includes oh so single, Sidney Crosby. At least I think he’s single. Honestly, the picture they used describes him perfectly. Focused, clean-cut, loves his career, and awkward, with a hand (actually fitting) in his pocket.

There were four categories of which comments were made.

First: “The Skinny”. According to his brief profile, he’s rich. As if we were completely unaware of this fact when Sid signed his 12-year contract extension for an average of $8.7 million a year. Oh and it’s stated that he’s the best player in the world (I am aware that  this is a debatable fact). If you’d like to be reminded of how awesome his skills are, re-read Mr. 250 .

Second: “Likes”. He likes the playoffs, yet can’t grow a beard. Yup. That is one undeniable fact. However, I’m also fairly confident he also likes puppies and pockets.

oh the pockets

The third category: “Natural Habitat”. Answer: Nova Scotia, Canada. However, it cannot be assumed that everyone knows Canada’s Golden Boy is from Cole Harbour. As many of us found out yesterday, there are some people under the impression that he was from the United States.

this actually happened

look to the right. in the dark pink there.

I mean, it’s a nice thought because then the USA Men’s Hockey Team could increase their chances of winning gold.

The last category: “Caveat”. Something about Sid potentially missing teeth on our a date.

I have faith that his fake teeth will be in and he will sweep me someone off my their feet.

What We’re Thankful For

Tina and I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. We go to an awesome college, there’s no lockout this year, and our favorite players have continued to impress us with their good looks and charm throughout these past few months.

Here’s some of our favorites:

But most importantly Tina and I are most thankful for all our loyal readers. Without you guys, this blog would not exist!

Just the Bruins and some Puppies…

Some of the studliest men of Boston have collaborated with some of the cutest puppies.

Today, they released the Boston Bruins 2014 Pucks and Paws Calendar which will benefit the Bruins Foundation & MSPCA Angell.


a big man and a little dog

Johnny Boychuk and his Portugese Water Dog, Kola (credit Steve Babineau, Getty)

Boychuk and his own pup Kola


Daww… they have the same nose

Who knew a puppy could look so damn cute being held so damn awkwardly

If you’re ready to start your holiday shopping a little early, or just want to order one for yourself (guilty) the link is below: