Happy Birthday Andrew Ference

Today is Ference’s 35th birthday!!!

Andrew Ference Headshot

 If you look up the definition of gentleman in the dictionary you’ll find Andrew Ference.

Here are some reasons why we think everyone should strive to be more like him…

1. His smile…


2. He participates in the NOVEMBER PROJECT

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The November Project is a free support system of people who want to work out during the cold months of the year. They meet early in the morning in locations across North America.


3. He advocates for Alberta’s bullying helpline (1-888-456-2323)

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4. He can erase his beard and sneeze off his mustache

5. His ink

6.  Mr. and Mrs. Ference are ADORABLE

nhlhockeywags:Andrew & Krista Ference 

7. Not to mention their daughters


9. His goalie skills

10. He’s hilarious

11. He’s not only friends with Bergy but is also classy as f&@#

12. He visits hospitals (with his BFF)


13.  Even Big Z loves him

15. … near… far

14. Chipotle

15. He has a best friend named Maggie

So while Ference is busy setting a great example for the rest of the human race… What have you done lately for someone else? Make Ference proud, not only today on his birthday, but everyday.


Welcome to the Club

Well hello there Taylor Pyatt! Welcome to the Pittsburgh Penguins! Or what could also be known as one of the best looking teams in the NHL.

Knowing that for the remaining 40 games, we Pens fans are able to stare deeply into Taylor’s gorgeous crystal blue pools of dreaminess, is plain AWESOME! I can’t say enough! Nor stop staring into them!

so pretty

The purpose of his gorgeous blue eyes is to leave you, me, and every women on the planet, speechless. But it’s not just his eyes that have us fans falling for him, Taylor also has a nearly perfect smile. (Let’s be honest Brendan Smith still wins that category.)

But, he also knows how to run with some of the best dressers in the league.

far right with the bow tie

If Taylor can keep up with King Henrik, then he’s a keeper. But keeping it casual is always a plus, as well.

I think his big, blue eyes and good looks will allow him to seamlessly fit in with the Pens. Taylor seriously bumped the level of attractiveness on the team roster and we are forever grateful!