Summertime Happiness

Thinking that hockey season is just a few short weeks from coming to a close is really depressing. Myself, Tina, and all other hockey fans around the world have to wait until September just for our favorite groups of guys get back together for training camp. Then, we have to wait another month for the regular season to officially start. That’s just so far away!

But then again, it’s SUMMER!

So when there isn’t hockey on tv, what is a girl to do? Oh yeah! Get on social media and find things related to hockey!

Like, “How To Be a Hockey Player” for all you summer / beer leaguers out there.

Or, “How The Playoff Beard Came To Be”

Or, there that whole, follow hockey players on social media to see what they’re up to. Because why not live vicariously through them?

Seriously, I wish I was in Matt Duchene’s shoes, hanging out with country singers in my spare time.

But let’s be honest, we’re way more excited for the new NHL season to start, especially when we have no stock in the Stanley Cup Final. Yet, I will be watching every single game, including tonight’s Game 7 between the LA Kings and Chicago Blackhawks.

P.S. – Go Hawks!! (because Patrick Kane is on a whole other level)

So during this all too long wait, players go to training camp. My particular favorites are Andy O’Brien:

And then, there’s Gary Roberts’ group / Biosteel #CAMP

To say the least, I’m excited for #CAMP 2014 and all things related to hockey players training. If it meant I could hang with those guys, then count me in for insane workouts and a strict diet.

As much as I love summer, I love hockey season even more. So I’ll enjoy the last few games before it’s 3-4 month hiatus.


Happy Birthday Andrew Ference

Today is Ference’s 35th birthday!!!

Andrew Ference Headshot

 If you look up the definition of gentleman in the dictionary you’ll find Andrew Ference.

Here are some reasons why we think everyone should strive to be more like him…

1. His smile…


2. He participates in the NOVEMBER PROJECT

Embedded image permalink

The November Project is a free support system of people who want to work out during the cold months of the year. They meet early in the morning in locations across North America.

3. He advocates for Alberta’s bullying helpline (1-888-456-2323)

Embedded image permalink

4. He can erase his beard and sneeze off his mustache

5. His ink

6.  Mr. and Mrs. Ference are ADORABLE

nhlhockeywags:Andrew & Krista Ference 

7. Not to mention their daughters


9. His goalie skills

10. He’s hilarious

11. He’s not only friends with Bergy but is also classy as f&@#

12. He visits hospitals (with his BFF)


13.  Even Big Z loves him

15. … near… far

14. Chipotle

15. He has a best friend named Maggie

So while Ference is busy setting a great example for the rest of the human race… What have you done lately for someone else? Make Ference proud, not only today on his birthday, but everyday.

Movember Monday: Boys to Men

We’re halfway through the month and there have been quite a few surprises so far this Movember. We already know who the real men of the NHL are… they prove it to us on a daily basis. Both through their manly demeanor and their uncanny ability to grow facial hair.

While I have my serious doubts about French-Canadians, Patrice Bergeron is undoubtedly one of the manliest men in the league.


That face though… and those eyes

Regardless of the fact that his name is Patrice he still manages to be one of the most respected players.

Even Toews knows it.


Bergy once again proved his manliness during the Stanley Cup Finals last year. His dedication to his team and the game was remarkable and he played with just a few injuries.


He had the Blackhawks saying…


Even What’s Up Ya Sieve knows how much of a stud he is

Only real men like Bergy can deal with little boys like Seguin


But then there’s those few boys,

mere children,

who have decided to make Movember their time to shine.

Their time to impress us all.

Or maybe they were just as surprised as we were at what they were capable of.

Like how Douglas went from this:


To this:


holy handlebars

Even his team was pretty impressed.

Even Seth Jones managed to prove to us all that he was no longer a little boy… sort of


And Brandon Pirri has managed to ‘mo up fairly nicely… though it’s no match for those thick eyebrows he rocks


And while he can’t quite keep up with the others Morgan Rielly at least tries to compete


and to those young men who still aren’t quite able to grow facial hair yet… better luck next year!